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Flat roofs due to their low slope profile need to be water proof so it is imperative that the material lay is watertight and prevents any separation between layers. It is very common for installers to use torch when applying flat roof materials for this reason. Our expert team of installers use torch to heat the material as they lay the layers. Once they bond the rolls to the roof they then check and test seams to ensure that you have the most waterproof roof possible. There are additional type of roofing options available these materials also include self-adhering materials which contains adhesive included in the roll, simply separate the film from the roll and lay the materials to install material without the need for torch application. If you have a low slope roof or partial roof  in need of replacement, contact us today for a free non-obligatory quote.


Houses with tile roof have a timeless look that never goes out of style and they also have a long lasting durability. Despite this durability you may still need a re-roof, this may be due to cracked roof tiles, a roof leak, or preventative maintenance of changing the underlayment base to continue offering protection for your home. Our expert team understands the importance of  properly maintained roof, especially brittle materials like tile, we provide excellent service and work with proper vendors to ensure the best match for you home project.

If your home is in need of a roof repair or a new layer of underlayment contact us to schedule a free quote today.



Metal roofs are a specialty roofing solution for your home. These roof can last on average 50 years depending on the location of the building. They provide a great alternative to other roof materials due to their fire resistance and and energy efficiency. Although there are benefits to metal roofs there is a high initial upfront cost.

Contact us today for your free quote and see if a metal roof is right for you.


There are many options to choose from for you next roofing projects. Shingles are the most commonly used material for pitched roof due to it protective properties. It has wind speed protection, water penetration resistance, and provide an extra layer of insulation to keep you home protected and comfortable. Our team of roofing specialists can help you decide on the type of shingle best suited for your home application, including cool roof options. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to speak to a representative and set up an appointment for a free non-obligatory quote today.


Cools roofs are composed of light reflecting and heat emitting materials. These materials passively reduce the temperature of your home by limiting the amount of heat and light that gets trapped by your roof. This reduces the energy needed to cool your home during those warmer days providing a more environmentally and economically friendly addition to your home.

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